#31days31workouts is back!

It’s that time of year again!

#31Days31Workouts is back!

I know. I KNOW!

It probably seems like we literally just did this challenge, but I promise you, it has been six whole months. Besides, this time around may actually be easier because the weather is beautiful, we’re not all juggling holiday parties, and swim suits are looking at us like heeeeeyyyy! Remember me?

If this is your second, third or fourth challenge, WELCOME BACK! We are so happy to have you on board!

If this is your very first challenge and you’re not totally sure why you’re signing up for this and don’t necessarily think you can do it, I promise you, you can and you will.

I still remember when Jill, my bestie and partner-in-sequins, asked me to do this challenge two Decembers ago. We were both terrified. We didn’t think we would be able to finish. We both felt weird about posting our workouts on social media. But guess what? We both finished and we both learned a lot about ourselves. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that finishing the challenge was pivotal for me in making some major life changes. The momentum and confidence that I gained from setting a goal, sticking it to it no matter what, remembering why I started in the first place, and then actually finishing it…it’s powerful stuff.

So now that you are thinking like a champion, let me give you the deets on the #31Days31Workouts challenge.

It kicks off on Wednesday, May 31st and ends on Friday, June 30th.

You must work out for at least 30 minutes every single day for 31 days. A workout means you break a sweat. Alternative option: you must complete 31 full workouts in 31 days. We have had past challengers who have schedule limitations bust out two workouts in a day to stay on track. You do you.

You must try at least two new things to challenge your fitness game.

You must workout outdoors at least 8 times, basically twice each week. Get outside people!

You must workout with a buddy at least 4 times, or once each week.

What’s your thing? 

This challenge has taught me so much about what I truly enjoy when it comes to working out. Hint: It’s not yoga. Maybe you already have a thing you love or maybe you’ll be out there this next month trying new things until you find it, but we want to know what your thing is.

Post a photo of each workout on Instagram to track your workouts. Tag me – @fortyreasons and Jill – @styledbyjill, so we can cheer you on. Also, if you’re not following @styledbyjill on Insta, DO IT! Totally inspiring and really, really good outfits. Use the hashtags #31days31workouts #whatsyourthing #strongnotskinny, if you please.

The most important rule of all is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Maybe you can’t find a buddy to work out with or you live in the desert and outdoor workouts are dangerous in the heat, whatever the case may be, do what works for you. The most important thing is to commit to the goal and to get there any way you can.

Oh and did we mention there will be prizes? This go-round, we are working with some cool brands to give out swag to some of our most inspiring challengers. Stay tuned for details, more info and hot tips on crushing this challenge in the next week.

Let’s do this!

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