5 Things This Week

It’s time for 5 Things This Week where I share 5 things that caught my eye on the internet and beyond. I like to start with some of the meatier pieces and then finish with a little whipped cream on top if you know what I mean. Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. A friend shared this New York Times article on Facebook after the president’s statements on Frederick Douglass made it unclear if he knew that Douglass died in 1895. This piece by Charles M. Blow should be required reading for every American as it outlines not only the important contributions of Frederick Douglass but his relationship with Abraham Lincoln. It underscores the importance of true leadership in a tumultuous times.
  2. A second story from the New York Times by Christopher Mele with a headline of “Fatigued by the news?” caught my attention, because yes, I am, in fact, totally fatigued by news. It’s worth a read if you’re bingeing on the political train wreck and need to reduce your consumption. The story makes a great case for picking up a good old fashioned newspaper that has a start and a finish and only features the best articles and information.
  3. We are headed to the mountains this weekend for a much needed break from reality and some cabin time. I’ve been day dreaming about comforting, cold weather food, fire places and warming cocktails all week. I’ll be making these Chicken Pot Pies from Smitten Kitchen. I could read every single one of Deb Perelman’s recipes and I probably have. I wish we were neighbors. I think she might like bourbon as much as I do.
  4. Speaking of bourbon, we’re planning a trip to whiskey country to celebrate my 40th and we’ll be hitting Nashville and Louisville and several bourbon distilleries in between. Hubs and I have been enjoying a variety of bourbons lately and putting them in this his & hers decanter that I got “him” for Christmas. That all changed when he stumbled upon this story by Aaron Goldfarb in Punch about infinity bottles. It’s basically a super geeky way of making your own blend of whiskey. We now nerd out and dump the last few inches of each bottle into a special house blend. Awwwww…
  5. Since drinking bourbon can often lead to pondering mortality, this bit from Caitlyn Schneider on Mental Floss caught my eye and both intrigued and creeped me out. You can have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record with accompanying music by UK-based company Andvinyly. You can also make tons of copies and send them to everyone you want to haunt.




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