5 Things This Week

I’m starting a new series called 5 Things This Week where I’ll be sharing some of the stuff that’s caught my eye on the interwebs from the previous week. This first week is a mix of written content, music and pictures of cute animals and people because balance. Without further ado, here are the 5 things I liked on the internet this week.

(1) As I was getting ready to write this post about getting political, I came across this on Medium written by Dina Leygerman. It’s a whole lot of hell yes and will resonate deeply with my fellow marchers.

(2) I’ve read a lot this past week about what’s happening in the White House, too much in fact. My emotions range from anger to anxiety to resolve to pride and then back again. This piece written by Eliot A. Cohen for The Atlantic made me feel all of those things, but mostly resolve and pride. He concludes with “There is nothing great about the America that Trump thinks he is going to make; but in the end, it is the greatness of America that will stop him.”

(3) I don’t know about you, but after reading the first two articles, I need a Valium. Instead, I’ve been listening to this song that neuroscience says reduces anxiety by up to 65%. It works. I came across the song and accompanying story on Inc. and I’ve saved it to my phone to listen to before bed or after the slow crumbling of democracy.

(4) If you want more soul-stirring music and you have not yet seen this beautiful original song by the artist Milck featuring members of the GW Sirens and Capital Blend, it’s a must watch! The performance occurs at the 4:23┬ámark of the video, but the whole thing is worth a watch if you love Samantha Bee.

(5) A friend shared this BuzzFeed list of 32 Of The Most Wholesome Things That Have Ever Happened on Facebook last week and I didn’t want it to end. It is warm fuzzy central.

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