The 40 Reasons To Do List

Here is my to do list. I plan to, week-by-week, cross each item off the list. Some of these are one-time thing. Some will be ongoing and I’ll find ways to integrate them into my daily life. I’ve also included a few freebies, meaning I can choose anything I want for that week. I don’t do well with rigid. In that same vein,  I reserve the right to change my mind about items on the list and replace them should I become enchanted by some shiny new thing.

To Do BEFORE July 18, 2017

Week 1 – Start a blog. Because writing gives me perspective.

Week 2 – Run a 10K

Week 3 – Learn to cook treasured family recipes. And share them with my family.

Week 4 – Put down my phone. I’m way too attached. It’s a problem.

Week 5 – Put down the remote and read a book already!

Week 6 – Stop driving myself crazy and change my focus to being healthy and strong over being skinny.

Week 7 – Camp in the winter.

Week 8 – Share our Christmas stocking tradition with everyone.

Week 9 – Try yoga. I’ve been told I have the flexibility of an 80 year old woman.

Week 10 – Create Christmas memories with my family.

Week 11 – Don’t complain about anything for an entire week.

Week 12 – Start the 52 Hike Challenge.

Week 13 – Lose another 20 pounds. Stop driving myself crazy and change my focus to being healthy and strong over being skinny.

Week 14 – Do something I’ve been dreading.

Week 15 – Try Zumba. I’m not coordinated. This should be interesting. Try Orangetheory Fitness.

Week 16 – Do something that makes my eyes roll. Sometimes being judge-y keeps me from doing awesome things.

Week 17 – Get a good night’s sleep.

Week 18 – Date my husband.

Week 19 – Be present and engaged with Little C. I’m going to need some rules for this one. Bonus: Take Little C to the snow.

Week 20 – Cook more from my vast collection of cookbooks. Try a meal kit delivery service because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Week 21 –  Make plans more often with my girlfriends. Find a mentor.

Week 22 – Go TV & non-essential phone use free for 1 week.

Week 23 – Try meditation. At least once a day for a week. See what happens.

Week 24 – Take a leap of faith.

Week 25 – Visit a national park I haven’t been to before.

Week 26 – Update my wardrobe with a few quality pieces instead of throwing clearance items in my cart while on a Target run. Try Stitch Fix.

Week 27 –  Stop interrupting. Sometimes I can’t stop myself.

Week 28 – Stop saying I’m sorry for no reason.

Week 29 – Go for a walk on the beach by myself.

Week 30 – Don’t spend any money on non-essentials for an entire month. Stick to my budget.

Week 31 – Try meditation. At least once a day for a week. See what happens.

Week 32 – Start a babysitting swap. Because babysitters cost a lot of dollars.

Week 33 – Learn Snapchat.

Week 34 – Join a book club.

Week 35 – Do a mud run.

Week 36 – Try stand-up paddle boarding.

Week 37 – Run a 5K at a 9 minute mile pace.

Week 38 – Start the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge.

Week 39 – Teach Little C to swim.

Week 40 – Create a community.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for starting this! As I read your blog, I thought to myself, “YES! I’m NOT the only one!” You put things in such a relate-able way, that it makes me feel more confident in my idiosyncrasies. As I move towards the big 40, I find myself looking for a midlife crisis. I want to break out and experience life, but in a productive, less destructive way than my previous teenage crisis. Thank you for sharing your vision for the next 40 weeks. I look forward to tagging along!

    1. Thank you Dana! It is so awesome (and comforting) to know that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts and feelings!

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